A Mango Shaped Space

Hi guys!! I just got done reading a great book called a Mango Shaped Space. It’s about a girl named Mia who has a disease called Synesthesia. It’s where every letter number and sound has a color. The sounds have different shapes as well as different colors.

I would not like to be Mia. She likes having her colors, but I think that would be really hard for me to deal with. I would get so distracted by the colors of letters and numbers when I’m reading and doing math.

It would also be really hard because it affects the people around you. For example, in the book, she didn’t tell her friend, Jenna about how she saw letters, numbers and sounds, Jenna got really mad at her and their relationship wasn’t the same after the fight. I am really amazed by how she handles it though!


If you want to learn more about this disease, go to this link



Band Photos!!

Mumford and Sons is one of my favorite bands. I love their unique voices! In this picture, I think that it’s cool how they are all in their own world.


One Republic is just an example of talent!! They have great voices and an amazing Cello player! This picture is awesome because they all have their own pose.


I really like One Direction. It’s that one band that everyone either HATES or LOVES. They’re just…cute. (baby cute). In this picture, I just really like how joyful they all look.


The Script is just simply amazing!! One of my favorite songs is by them. It’s called Breakeven. I love how in this picture two of the men are just watching the other one.

This band, just…WOW!! I mean check out this picture!!! Pretty awesom right? There’s this one song that they sing. It’s called It’s Time and I just really love the lyrics. You should check it out!









Here are some interesting and basic facts about the game Cribbage

  • Cribbage  was created by an English poet named Sir John Suckling. He was 23 when he invented it
  • They believe this incredible game was created in 1632
  • It is one of the most popular games in the United States
  • The only card game that can leagally be played for money in an English Pub is Cribbage
  • To win a game of Cribbage you have to have a combination of two things: luck and skill
  • The pegboard you use in Cribbage was invented before the game was even invented. It was used for Egyptian games such as Mancala and Backgammon
  • The idea of Cribbage came up from a game called Noddy
  • originally, you only played with five cards and you discarded one card for the crib. Nowadays, you have six cards and you discard two for the crib
  • The highest possible hand you can get in Cribbage is twenty nine
  • The first dealer in a game wins fifty five percent to sixty percent of the time
  • You use a 52 deck of cards in Cribbage
  • In cribbage, the two magic numbers are fifteen and thirty one

If you want to read more about Cribbage rules go to this site!!

Bio Poem on Because of Winn-Dixie


is a kind, loving, friendly, respectful individual

 who is related to the preacher (her dad)

who cares about Winn-Dixie

who feels happy to have new friends in Naomi, Florida

who needs her mother that left her and her dad

who gives kindness to everyone

who fears losing Winn-Dixie

who would like to see her mother again

she is a resident of a trailer park


Little Cora Lane Nelson

In about November last year, my choir director announced to us that she was pregnant. This was very exciting news for all of us because it was her first baby. It was amazing to see the growth of her belly each week.

Later in the pregnancy, she found out the gender…It was a girl!!! She told me and my friends that she was going to name her new baby girl Cora Lane. We could not wait for this darling new being to arrive.

She was due July 23. The due date came and went. On July 26, she went to the doctor because she was no longer feeling the sweet tossing and turning of Cora. That night, she and her husband received the terrible news that darling little Cora’s heart stopped beating. There was no obvious reason of why this had happened until delivery…The cord was wrapped around her neck four times.I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for her to go through all that pain knowing that her baby wouldn’t be alive.

There was a terribly sad funeral for this little bundle of light that was no longer living. I don’t like to cry in front of people, so I was kind of holding everything in. After I hugged Miss Joy, I couldn’t help it anymore. I burst into tears. My face was buried in my mom’s chest. I was SOOO excited to meet this little baby who I had watched grow for nine months, and suddenly everything fell apart  for everyone…Especially Miss Joy, her husband, Evan,  and the rest of their family.

Miss Joy’s blog is very healing for anyone else who reads it, her, and me. It just helps to know that she is able to grieve in a healthy way that is great for MANY souls who were also excited to meet little Cora.

Rest In Peace sweet baby girl <3





This is sorta personal but I thought I would share it with you anyways :)


I have something called OCD. That stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This involves me doing things or asking questions that wouldn’t make sense. I do this to relieve my anxiety about a fear that I have.

An example of something that I’m really scared of that doesn’t really make much sense is the stomach flu…I don’t really have a reason for it…I’m just scared of it. I think the hardest part of having OCD is no one understanding what’s going on inside my head.

I’m scared to eat foods that I don’t like the look of…I think I’ll throw up if I eat what I think is ugly. My parents’ bedroom is right across the hall from mine, so every night I have to make sure their door is open and mine is open because I’m scared that if I don’t, then I’m going to get kidnapped in the middle of the night. That is one of my biggest fears right now. Notice how I said right now. I have different phases. My fears change a round a bit.

I ask myself everyday, why does it have to be me? Why? That is something I’m struggling with…But I’m getting better and better each day. I try to tell myself that someday I’ll be able to help someone else who is having the same issues, because I will be able to understand how they feel and what’s going on inside their brain. That’s what helps to keep me motivated and stay strong <3

My Trip to New York City!!!

We are in New York City right now, visiting my sister that goes to NYU…We are having a GREAT time so far! yesterday, we went shopping at this GIGANTIC mall in New Jersey! It was HUGE! Today, we went to church, and then hung out with Kyle’s family (Kaitlyn’s boyfriend). When we got back, we rested for a bit, then went to have dinner at this yummy dumpling place! Here is a picture of my view of part of New York on the Taxi ride to Kait’s apartment. I know…the picture is small, but you can still see part of the BEAUTIFUL city :)


My Trip to the Botanical Gardens

Exactly two weeks ago, we took a field trip to the Botanic Gardens, and WOW! That was AMAZING!!! I think everyone in the class was expecting that we were going to have a tour of the Gardens, but later, the great news came that we were just all gonna wander! We didn’t have to worry about having someone take us through. We were able to just experience it all on our own. At first, everyone decided to go in the Green House together. The first thing that came to my mind when we walked through the door was “I’m in a jungle!” There were vines of different flowers and plants twirled around everywhere. Wherever you looked, you saw a different plant. I even saw a cocoa tree!! After wandering around for a while and experiencing everything for our selves, we grabbed our sketchbooks and sketched plants. I did three…Here is a picture of one of them.


The Latin name for this plant is Heliconia, Orthotricha the original name is Lobster Claw

After that, we shared our sketches with each other. Once we were done in the “jungle” we ate lunch, to satisfy our rumbling tummies. With full stomachs we headed to the Japanese Gardens! It was so epic! When you enter, you see a pond with lily pads and these cool bamboo made sculptures floating around in the water. The rest of the Japanese Garden is filled with amazing, beautiful plants. When we were done ooing and ahing at the Japanese Garden, Miss Sue just let everyone wander around on their own. My group came across this really cool pond. When you stuck your hand in it, there was a shimmer of blue. When we were done obsessing over the blue water, we decided that we just could not get enough of the “jungle” AKA green house. After the green house it was time to go home. The time I had is so indescribably awesome! I definitely request it to anyone. I hope you enjoyed reading about my personal experience at the Denver Botanic Gardens!

Aspen Trees

Aspen trees are awesome! The deltoid shaped leaves on an Aspen tree have alternate veins and beautiful bright green color (Except for in the Fall). Now the leaves are starting to change yellow and they look even more gorgeous. I also really like the fact that if you are in the wilderness, you’re worried about getting sunburned, and you don’t have sunscreen, you can rub your hands on the trunk of an Aspen tree, and you’ll have sunscreen! Isn’t that cool?



Petunias are definitely one of my favorite flowers. I love the nice soft texture. I find it really comforting to twirl a Petunia between my thumb and my pointer finger. I love how every Petunia is unique in it’s own way. They are in all different colors. Personally, I think that the prettiest Petunias are the ones that have a light base and dark stripes like the one down below :)